Michael Eugene Newsom

Birth Date: 31 May 1953 (Olds, AB)
Death Date: 6 February 2022

Michael was born in Olds, AB. to Myrtle (Dunkley) and Ron Newsom. He was raised in AB, attended Olds College and the University of Alberta. He obtained a master’s in counselling psychology from Yorkville University. In 1977 he married Linda Lejeune and together they parented three children: Nathan (Janna Smith) and treasured grandson, Kylan; Luke, and Kaylene (Kaitlin Larson). Throughout his life Michael served as a teacher and guidance counsellor in several Alberta communities. Most recently he was a guidance counsellor in the Catholic Separate Board. He enjoyed volunteering at Heritage Park, giving tours at Union Cemetery, gardening, genealogy, storytelling and topophilia. Michael was passionate about relationships, friendships, story, and family history.

For the past 17 years he shared this life with his partner, Patrick Griffin. Together they enjoyed travelling, gardening, learning together, and the company of amazing friends and a growing family.

Michael also leaves his sister, Shirley (Marion McComb) and brother, Don. His remains will be interred in the Dunkley family plot in Burnsland Cemetery. A Memorial Service will follow in May.

Notes of remembrance may be sent to patrickgriffin630@gmail.com. In lieu of flowers, please donate to:

Doctors Without Borders (www.doctroswithoutborders.ca), The Nature Conservancy of Canada (www.natureconservancy.ca) or Rainbow Railroad (www.rainbowrailroad.org).
Published on February 15, 2022