About Us

A Brief History of the Calgary Retired Teachers' Association

CRTA was officially launched on August 6, 1963. A group of retired teachers had been meeting together informally for some time during the late fifties and early sixties. On the afternoon of August 6, 1963, under the leadership of Henry Becom, a meeting was held in a basement room in the west wing of Western Canada High School. During this meeting the decision was made to form a retired teachers association. Initially, the organization was registered under the name of Retired Teachers’ Association, Calgary Branch. It was at a later date that the name was changed to its present form, Calgary Retired Teachers’ Association.

The Purpose of the Calgary Retired Teachers' Association

The Calgary Retired Teachers’ Association (CRTA) provides opportunities for retired teachers to meet and exchange experiences and memories with former friends and colleagues. CRTA promotes communication among its members through its Newsletters. Reminders of events and happenings, for those that wish them, are also provided. CRTA fulfills a helping function also; it supports several scholarship and endowment programs that provide financial assistance to university students working toward a degree in Education.

Retired teachers have been impacted by changing Federal and Provincial Government policies. There have also been some changing economic factors that have negatively affected the financial, health and social benefits enjoyed by retired teachers. CRTA, with its Provincial counterpart, the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association (ARTA), provides a means for retirees to speak out against government policies that are adverse to their welfare. CRTA works continuously with ARTA to improve other factors for retired teachers. This work involves Pensions, Income and Property Taxes, and the option of an insurance plan designed for retired teachers that provides coverage for Dental, Extended health Care, Out-of Province Travel, Property, and Vehicles.

CRTA Relationship with ARTA

The Calgary Retired Teachers’ Association is incorporated under the Societies Act of the Province of Alberta, and exists to meet the needs of it’s own members. It is also one of the founding Branches of the Alberta Retired Teacher’s Association. Although membership is separate in the two organizations, the two are closely allied. The President of CRTA serves on the ARTA Board of Directors, and many other Calgary members are involved with ARTA Committees, or as Branch Representatives of the Provincial Organization. Where the focus of CRTA is on member activities and representation at the local level, ARTA is focused on broader provincial issues as outlined in their Strategic Plan “Looking Ahead”. These include Member Services, Advocacy and Wellness. They act as a representative on behalf of Retired Teachers to the Province, and are and active voice on Pension and Benefits Issues. Most importantly, ARTA provides members with access to their Affinity, Travel and Health and Wellness Benefits Programs. For more information on ARTA, please visit their website . NOTE: All Retired Teachers should consider the ARTA BENEFITS PLAN when determining their post-retirement HEALTH, TRAVEL and DENTAL Insurance needs. Designed by and for Alberta Retired Teachers, this program is unique and offers aspects of coverage that are not available in other plans. For more information, see the BENEFITS Section on this Web Page for more details. Click Here to go to ARTA benefits