CRTA Policies


  1. CRTA will only take advertising for Non-profits for advertising for volunteers. No commercial advertising will be accepted.

  2. Non-profit organizations wishing to distribute information at Luncheons or other meetings must have prior approval of the Luncheon Coordinator or the President or be invited at the request of the Executive to distribute materials that are deemed to serve the needs and being of interest to CRTA members.


New Members elected to the Board

A new member elected to the board will receive a copy of the current policy handbook and orientation as needed.

The Board is responsible for providing new Board members with CRTA, ARTA information and their role as Board members.

Creating New Positions

New positions may be created within the board to meet a demand.

New or Revised Policies

Date of a new policy or revised policy passed at a BOD Meeting will be inserted following the policy in the policy handbook.


Donations are deemed an acceptable practice for CRTA events for door prizes.
Donations are accepted at the discretion of the Event Coordinator.
The donor of the door prizes will be recognized and thanked for the contribution at the event, the newsletter and on the CRTA web site.

CRTA will consider donation requests only for organizations where the money will be used for something that is consistent with CRTA objects and which benefits seniors particularly our members. (January 17, 2018)

CRTA will consider donations to the next generation through donations to post high school schools and will not exceed 10% of casino funds in any calendar year. (April 2018)

BOD Meetings

The four BOD meetings will be held the last Wednesday of August and the second Wednesday of October, February and May (April 2018)


To facilitate the business of CRTA motions may be voted on at a board meeting or electronically. (April 2018)

Payment for instructors for workshops

Not to exceed the rates for Steppin’ Out presenters

Subsidy Policy for CRTA Activities:

Normally CRTA approved events may be subsidized from the general account for members up to 35% including meals, snacks, admissions, activity supplies, including GST. Bus transportation/ driver gratuity, museum entry, facility fees and instructors’ fees, will be paid from the casino fund. Non members will pay approximately an additional 15%. (Jan 18/17)

CRTA Emails

CRTA emails go out to only active status members. Inactive members will receive emails only in an emergent situation as approved by the president.

(Aug 23/18).


While attending a CRTA event, photographs or videos may be taken for use in CRTA’s brochures, newsletters, and on the CRTA website for the purpose of reporting on events that may be of interest to recipients of the publications. CRTA may crop or edit the images as it sees fit and is under no obligation to use said video or image. Participants may ask the photographer or event coordinator to be excluded.