Legal Authority of the Board of Directors

  1. The Calgary Retired Teachers Association (CRTA) is incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta and its governing documents include Bylaws as well as Policy and Procedures. The governing documents reflect the current needs and operation of the Association. CRTA Bylaws and Policy and Procedures provide the legal authorization by which the Board of Directors governs itself and ensures that it operates within, and in compliance with, its Bylaws and the Societies Act of Alberta.

  2. Fiduciary responsibility is the responsibility of the Board who are to guide, steward and manage the CRTA finances according to the highest ethical standards as they are acting in trust for the CRTA membership. The Board shall ensure that the organization is adequately funded.

  3. The board shall fulfill its duties as a branch of Alberta Retired Teachers Association (ARTA), with the president representing the CRTA membership and providing liaison between ARTA and the CRTA.The Board shall fulfill its obligation and duties as a branch of ARTA by attending the AGM, encouraging Board members to become members of ARTA committees and provide liaison between ARTA and the CRTA membership.

  4. The board shall have the authority to establish, review and revise the governing documents of CRTA subject to agreement of the Board, and at the General Meeting in compliance with Corporate Registry.

  5. Directors shall keep apprised of any federal, provincial or municipal statutes that may apply to the activities of the Association to ensure that the Association’s practices are in accordance with these statutes.

  6. Drafts or revisions of the governing documents shall be circulated to all major stakeholders in a timely manner to meet Association deadlines for amendment and decision, with changes in Bylaws forwarded to Corporate Registry.

  7. The Board is responsible for providing new CRTA Board members information on their role as Board member and information on ARTA as necessary to fulfill their role.

  8. Governance Procedures for the Board of Directors a) The governance process will guide the Board as to how it conceives, carries out and monitors its own tasks, represents the membership and provides strategic leadership to the organization.

  9. The CRTA mandate is to achieve its mission in ethical and prudent ways. The Board of Directors is required to ensure the continuity and stability of the organization by fulfilling its role as steward of the proper governance of the Association.
    The Board shall govern with excellence, treat all Board members with dignity and respect and speak with one voice.

  10. The Board shall define how the Board will organize itself to get its work done.

  11. The Board is responsible for developing, and writing, policies that provide parameters and guidelines for the Board of Directors. In fulfilling responsibilities for the consideration and development of policy, the Board will ensure the policies are in compliance with relevant legislation or regulation, CRTA Bylaws and existing CRTA policies or agreements.