Vicky May Miller

August 24, 1956 – August 18, 2021

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Vicki on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 at the age of 64. She fought hard, but the cancer was too widespread, she passed peacefully in the Agape hospice.

Vicki will be forever remembered by her loving; spouse Bob, daughters Tymara and Shania; sisters Michelle and Jacalyn; and extended family and friends. She was predeceased by her parents Archie and Donna Maguire.

Vicki was born in Souris Manitoba and lived there as a child until the age of 8. She is also remembered by her aunt Janice and Grandmother Naida. In 1964 the Maguire family pulled up roots in Manitoba and came to Calgary. Vicki lived in Willow Park with her parents and sisters. She left high school and worked at a bank as a teller. She wanted to become a teacher, so she worked very hard to upgrade and graduated Grade 12 and received a Community Recreation Diploma at Mount Royal College. She entered the University of Calgary faculty of Education and graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree with a major in physical education and drama to pursue a career that featured her true passions children and teaching. She taught for 14 years.

It was time for Vicki to have children of her own, she resigned as a teacher because she wanted to raise her own children. She became a day home “mom” and cared for many children, with a love like they were her own for another 12 years. When her daughters were old enough, she returned to the career she loved, though in a different capacity.

Vicki’s passion to help children and youth remained, though not a teacher, she worked with children/youth whose lives presented them with challenges. She volunteered with APTA and worked with children in filial play therapy. She volunteered with Youth Justice extra-judicial sanctions committee to advocate for youth that needed a second chance to prove they were worthwhile and not criminal.

Vicki found the connection between education (literacy) and youth turning to crime. The connection between the incarcerated and literacy, recidivism in prison inmates and literacy. Education and literacy create choices, better opportunities than are offered by the street.

Vicki’s had a vision to connect those who fell between the cracks in society to a brighter future. She worked for CanLearn in the “Power for Youth” program helping determine why youth were challenged to succeed scholastically and remedy it.

She went on to work with students in Mount Royal College and University of Calgary as curriculum strategist and academic coach to reconnect students to a successful outcome.

She went on to work for SAIT Polytech to a program that advocated, coached and prepared students and remove any barriers than stood in the way of their success.