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Poster Event Date/Time Max Attendance Capacity
CRTA Lunchbox Theatre and lunch Date: 01 11,2017
Start: 11:30:00
End: 14:00:00
CRTA goes to the Military Museum Date: 15 11,2017
Start: 09:00:00
End: 14:00:00
Max seats 40
CRTA Adamo Multimedia Art Start: 17 10,2017 13:00:00
End: 21 11,2017 15:00:00
CRTA Acrylic Art Workshop with Kathy Adamo Start: 19 10,2017 13:00:00
End: 23 11,2017 15:00:00
 Bus Trip
CRTA Christmas in Rosebud Date: 22 11,2017
Start: 09:30:00
End: 17:30:00
Max seats 100